This is the true test of a relationship – teaching your significant other how to ride. For majority of us, our boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse don’t ride, have never ridden or even smelled a barn. Here are a few of my lessons learned from trying to teach the person you admire how to successfully ride (i.e. without dying or being set on fire).

The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Your Significant Other How to Ride

Do Not

Use a horse that hasn’t been ridden in three months, no matter how broke it used to be.

Mention how many times the horse has thrown or hospitalized you.

Expect them to know the difference between a curry comb and a comb (even if they do look super different).

Use a small Western saddle that hasn’t been oiled in 3 years.

Get your hopes up that they will want to ride a second time.

Say things like “outside leg”, because to them all their legs are outside.

Laugh at them (at least when they can see you).

Use a lead rope to help them- it just hurts their pride (the human’s, not the horse’s)


Use a saddle.

Explain why we don’t mount the horse at a run.

Tell them they are doing great, even when they hold the reins incorrectly for the 42nd time.

Give them a helmet, no matter how dorky they may think it looks.

Explain why we don’t kick like a cowboy.

Take treats to bribe the horse to behave.