Some people love shopping. I am not one of those people. Sure, it sounds amazing in theory. Going out to pick out something that just speaks to you and will fill a need that no other item like it could. Sounds great. But, what about how much that item costs? How long is it going to last? How difficult is it going to be to find, get the right size, make sure it’s well made? Agh. I’m already going crazy and all I’m doing is typing. When it comes to horse stuff, I often feel shopping becomes infinitely worse. I may be less hesitant about spending my money, but finding something high quality and for a good price often seems impossible, especially when shopping for a new horse or new tack. While I don’t have a solution to making buying a horse less painful, I may have discovered the solution for making buying tack a dream.

Let’s see if any of this sounds familiar. Do you struggle with finding leather that is soft and supple? What about a saddle that fits you like a glove and is made to help you ride better? Or a girth that isn’t just an overpriced hunk of leather? Personally, I constantly struggle to find tack that I feel is worth its price tag. Well, I guess we can say I used to struggle.


Recently I discovered Barnes Tack Room, a West Coast tack company with an affinity for high quality leather and amazing customer service, which really are two of the main ways to my heart, aside from food. They have everything, saddles, bridles, girths, martingales, reins, each with an assortment of options available to make sure each item is exactly what you’re looking for.

I know, I know. You’re skeptical too. The thing is, Barnes Tack Room fills the gap that we’ve been missing when it comes to tack and accessories. Every time I need to buy something new it seems like I can either get something cheap and waxy or I can spend way too much on a name brand that is probably nicer than I need. I like to think that I am a practical shopper, I want something nice and high quality, but I don’t need to buy something nicer than I need because of a fancy name or silly add-ons. This is where Barnes Tack Room saves the day. From their saddles to bridles, everything is made from high quality, supple, durable but delicate, Argentine leather.

Argentine leather is made to be thin yet sticky, thus allowing for the rider to better stick to the saddle and anticipate their horse’s movements. Their saddles are made with the horse in mind, with a medium tree, made to fit a majority of horses. Then for the rider, the two style flaps allow for an almost custom saddle, helping improve the rider’s ability to support their horse by improving their feel of the horse while in the saddle. When I talked to Robert Barnes, the owner of Barnes Tack Room, he explained their saddle technology as to what it feels like to ride bareback. When you’re riding bareback, you’re one with your horse. What they feel, you feel, and you can anticipate their every move and create a partnership built on trust and respect. Because of the nature of the saddle, part of that communication is inherently removed. The saddles from Barnes Tack Room are made with the intention of bridging the gap between that feeling of riding bareback and the normal feeling of using a saddle. The thin, supple leather is durable enough that you never notice it is thinner, except when you’re communicating with your horse. Talk about cool, right?

One of my biggest worries about shopping online is customer service or a fear that the product isn’t as good as it seems. What if I don’t like it. What if it’s not worth the money. It’s new, it’s scary, and I’m sick of buying stuff that is overpriced and lacking quality. I gave in to trying something new because of the 30 day money back guarantee and hassle free returns from Barnes Tack Room (Not to mention a 4 year tree warranty and 1 year craftsmanship warranty). The worst case scenario would be that I return it. It must be murphy’s law that they’re return policy is so great, because the last thing on my mind is returning what I bought.barnes-tack-room-saddle-back

It’s not often I try something online off a whim. It’s not often I enjoy online shopping. Thankfully, this time was different. For those who want a new saddle but don’t want to break the bank, or to those who need a new bridle, or similar accessory that is built to last without feeling stiff and cheap, or for those that simply are looking for nice, high quality tack; I highly recommend Barnes Tack Room. Keep an eye out for some upcoming product reviews as I further reveal the details of my new favorite brand.

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