Dressage leg position

It’s No Stirrup November – who decided November was a good month to do no stirrups? When the wind is up their tail, they are fleshy clipped and feeling fresh???   What about No Stirrup July? Here are some ways for us more safety-conscious ladies can do No Stirrup November. You can even have someone hold the horse if you needed a little more support.

Kick out your stirrups and leave them hanging.  Hang your leg down as long as gravity with let it hang without letting your thigh roll open making your foot hang outwards. Ideally your leg should hang down with your inner thigh flat and your foot pointing forward under your knee cap.


Bird’s eye view

Exercise #1 = Toes up and toes down – flex your ankle without pulling your knee up.

Exercise #2 = Pull your thigh up over the thigh roll.  You can feel your seat bones doing this exercise.  Do one leg at a time or both at the same time depending on your comfort zone.

Exercise #3 = Drop your leg back down to normal position from #2, while leaning forward slightly pull your thigh back with your leg straight. One leg at a time or both together.  Let your leg then fall back into normal position.

After these three exercises you should find a little longer leg. Now the challenge is to get your stirrups back without pulling up your knee!

If you are keen, try this at the walk and then maybe later you can cross your stirrups. This is how you cross your stirrups properly to avoid the “thigh pinch”.