We all know animal people are a certain special shade of crazy; we have to be. We drive ourselves batty believing we know what our horse, dog, cat or (Fill in the blank) is thinking and feeling.

“The mare doesn’t feel like cantering today, she’s tired.”

“I’m worried Fluffy is depressed.”

“Puppy thinks she needs a snack.”

Come on!! We ALL do it. We think, we feel, we speak for our, slightly not human, loved ones.

What if… there was someone that could really tell you what, both the alive and the not, furry, feather and scale friends have to say? Would you be open to it? Would you cough and whisper “C>R>A>Z>Y” over your shoulder?

My situation; after a long loving, peaceful and safe relationship of 7 years, my horse tossed me. Of course, I would like to know why. What caused her to do this? Was she mad, was she scared? Was she in pain…? Was it just a freak strange once-in-a lifetime happening???

Next, I have a 16-year-old dog that we rescued from a super bad life 12 years ago. Sometimes she lies on the couch and cries, sometimes she acts like it’s hard to walk, it’s hard to eat and it’s had to breathe. Just when we think the time has come to call the vet, she bounces up and chases a rabbit across the 10 acre backyard, then scarfs down a slice of pizza! How will I even know if it’s time to put her down?? Is she trying to tell me?? I’m sure we all have questions in the back of our minds we’d like a real answer for.

Last week, my local library held a session with a renowned “Animal Communicator” and a group of us attended. It was free and could be entertaining; really not one of us had much belief here.

The speaker started by giving us her history. She found her gift of clairvoyance at age 8, is an ordained minister at a local church and is blessed with the ability to heal.

She held her hands up high and chanted for a few minutes then began to walk around the room. When she approached someone they’d hand a picture of the beloved pet, tell her the name, gender and whether it was alive or had passed.

She was quite a show master. Right off the get, she had people crying for Rover that passed years ago needing to tell his owner it’s time to get a new dog. She told one lady to go home; that her pet wasn’t going to be in the living form much longer. One horse needed to be prayed over, and another had something terribly wrong with its…foot … maybe leg… it was like a virus eating away and they “needed to go the extra mile”… They were hugging each other and crying… apparently the mare had an injured stifle and the owner had been told to take it to a clinic in Kentucky. I’m sure that trailer got on the road this morning.

When the communicator walked up to me, I suddenly decided to hand her a picture of my dog, not my horse. I was told; my dog was old, she had arthritis and some pain, but her real problem was in her throat. Something was really bad, really wrong in there, making it hard to breathe and sometimes to eat. She said my dog isn’t ready to go just yet but soon and that she will give me notice. (Back story on the dog… Before this dog came to live with us, she had been beat, starved, shot and hung by her collar in a tree. Her windpipe and throat is shattered and has been since she was four. My son prays he can be with her when the time comes but he lives hours away and hopes we will be able to give him time to get home …)

I found her a bit too preachy, slightly snarky and seriously rude most of the evening, not that I doubted her gifts. I was really confused why she was putting on this show. She was acting like she really hated it and we were all an inconvenience on her “super powers” which made it hard to really trust and believe.

I know people that rely on their “animal communicators” regularly and in times of crisis. One friend swears a communicator lead her to her lost cat thousands of miles away, another friend call upon a communicator to check up on her old horse that had passed, the message she received was he was happy running in the sunshine with out pain. And we were blessed with the gift of my son’s first horse, solely because a communicator told the owner that the horse said he “needed to go and raise his little boy”.

Are these animal communicators just a bunch of hooey? Or are they real? Who knows! We tend to believe what need to believe in order to pacify the emotional passions we have for our “fur-ends and fur-amily”. Humans are an interesting lot. We tend to anthropomorphize. We tend to believe we are quite superior to animals we take into our care. And.. we want to believe our pets NEED us and we are doing everything correctly when it comes to our animal family. We portend we don’t just know them.. we understand them. We can read their body language, their minds, their whimpers and vocalizations.

The truth is… we need our animals far more than they need us. They hold us up. They love us unconditionally. They give us all they have. We give them what we make time for. I had a friend tell me the other day that she was so sad that her aging dog of 14 years wasn’t doing well. She so wished that our dogs would last for OUR lifetime. I explained to her that our dogs give us their whole heart and it leaves little to sustain them.

I choose to believe there may indeed be some who can communicate with people or animals. I don’t believe that all who profess the gift are so endowed. And I also believe that when we are most desperate for validation of “doing the right thing” for our pets, we will reach out into the unknown to seek validation for our decisions.