PHS Saddlery has been making equestrian leather products for over 60 years, and they have definitely mastered their craft.

I’m a huge fan of products made in North America, so as soon as I find out a product is made in the States or Canada, they get bonus points. When I heard about PHS Saddlery, I was thrilled to discover that their products are made in Colorado.  They use top quality leather and their customer service is second to none.

I opted to get the Windsor belt along with the Blue Ice Reversible belt. The Windsor belt is the perfect, polished look for the show ring but unlike many show clothes, it’s still extremely comfortable to wear.  I love the unique details on the belt buckle, and the leather is soft and flexible, which is a must for me as I hate breaking in leather. The flexibility of the leather also helps accommodate my weight fluctuations, because nothing is worse than getting to a show and your belt feeling like a corset.

My Blue Ice Reversible belt is my favorite belt of all. On one side, it’s a beautiful navy with a bit of sparkle. On the other side, a lovely icy baby blue with that same sheen and sparkle on it. You take the buckle off to reverse it, so it always looks like a normal belt. This belt is even softer than the Windsor, forming perfectly to your hips/waist — so comfortable you don’t even know that it’s there.

When ordering these belts, I would either call to confirm your sizing or order a size up. I ordered my traditional belt size and did find that they were a bit snug for my liking. The belts fit wonderfully, but once my winter weight hits, I knew that might not still be the case. That being said, if you do get the wrong size for your body, their customer service is impeccable and it’s an easy fix to get the right size for you. As a big believer in good customer service, this was a major selling point to me. Add on that they’re high quality products made in the USA, PHS Saddlery now has a fan for life.

Overall, I would give both my belts a perfect 5-star rating. They’re comfortable, well made, absolutely stunning, and easy to keep looking nice. They check all the boxes that I’m looking for in a belt for the show ring or riding around at home.

While I love my belts, I must admit a confession. I have been drooling over their Blue Ocean Croc and Hunt Club belts. I was a little wary of the bling and coloring at first, but then I saw them actually being worn by some of the girls I follow on social media. All I can say is wow! They are stunning! My riding look tends to be more conservative and I often worry about overdoing it, so I try to stay away from bling or too much color. After seeing the pictures of some of the girls I follow in those two belts, I became a believer and they’re now on my wish list.

PHS Saddlery is definitely my new go-to place for any and every leather belt I could want, and even those that I didn’t know I wanted.

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