I don’t always write reviews but when I do, you know that it’s a product I feel strongly about (and that can go in either direction). Today’s subject: show jackets. I am very tall and also quite slim. I have arms that are so long that I mildly resemble an ape. All of these things together making finding a well fitting show jacket VERY difficult. If it is long enough, I am swimming in it size wise. If it fits size wise in the body, it is too short. If the body fits in both length and width, the sleeves are far too short. Conclusively, it’s impossible to find a show jacket that fits  me and the base price for a custom show coat is just not an option for me. 

Enter: Schockemöhle Sports. A saviour. I found my Schockemöhle Marilyn show coat at the vendor Wild Horses at HITS Post Time Farm last winter. It fit me in length of body, arms and in size. The material is amazing, it is lightweight and breathable even on the hottest days of showing and the coat features Coldblack UV reflecting technology which claims to keep the rider cooler and from experience, it actually does. It is also very stretchy which allows for great range of motion while riding. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a show coat! It has snap button closures, most convenient thing ever, and also front pockets because everyone loves pockets.

My Schockemöle Sports Marilyn show coat in charcoal grey. Photo Credit: Ben Radvanyi Photography

My Schockemöle Sports Marilyn show coat in charcoal grey.
Photo Credit: Ben Radvanyi Photography

I’ve now had this jacket for almost a year and I compete a lot so I feel as though I can confidently vouch for its quality by now. I’ve washed this jacket more times than I can count now and it still looks brand new. The colour, quality, fit and fabric still look the same as the day I purchased it. Needless to say, I can’t say enough good things about this jacket. It’s price is on par with most other high quality brands though I luckily was able to find mine on sale, as things tend to go on sale at the end of circuit. If you’re short, I’m not sure how the jacket would fit you as I don’t know anyone else that has it but from a tall, lanky girl: Schockmöhle, I thank you.