Giving Thanks Entry #3

Every Turkey day everyone starts going on and on about what they’re thankful for. And with good reason. Most people need that reminder in the daily craze of life that there are things to stop and smile about. Personally I feel we should try and be thankful every day, but that really just depends on whether I’ve had enough coffee that morning.

So today, in honor of the holiday that I only attend because I love food more than I love naps, I would like to make a toast to all of the things I am thankful for in the equine world.

I’m thankful for a great barn that’s low key and literally just a big extended family. I’m grateful to have my horse somewhere where he can live outside, naked, being a total pig and knocking down fences at his leisure. I’m grateful for Smartpaks because otherwise I wouldn’t ever remember to order my horse’s supplements. I’m grateful for Toasty Toes foot and hand warmers because I’m freezing in summer, so winter is literally painful for me. I’m grateful for heated seats in my car after I ride in the cold. I’m grateful for a barn owner who finds it funny that my horse is a bulldozer with an attitude. I’m thankful for my Ariat winter boots, because they’ve lasted 4 seasons of mud and cold and are still kicking and keeping my toes warm. I’m also thankful for HJU for giving me an outlet to write about horses on a consistent basis and give me a little place to fulfill my love of writing even though I chose a Veterinary career path. I’m just super thankful for all things Equine, because without it my life would be REALLY uninteresting.

And because Walle wanted to join in on the fun, the giant Potato beast gave me a list of everything he’s thankful for this Thanksgiving. (and I added a few things he SHOULD be thankful for….the monster.)


-An owner who doesn’t return me to rescue even though I step on her feet, rip the lead line out of her hands, and run away for fun when we’re in public places.


-Grain (Which I don’t get any of, thank god my BFF Bean the Mustang shares with me)

-A barn owner who doesn’t make my human return me to rescue when I knock down fences and make her chase me around her farm in the middle of the night when she finds me grazing in her back yard.

-Butt scratches

-That I finally convinced the human that putting blankets on me is a futile effort. It’s the nekkid life for me!

-Ear scratches


-Naps in the sun



Happy Holidays, everyone!

– Megan and Walle the Belflinger

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