Sometimes I daydream about all the things I could afford if I didn’t own horses. Think of all the shoes, handbags, mortgage payment, and all the other wonderful things I could have. I know how to spoil myself, but nothing compares to my horse.

Instead of placing a down payment on a house…I bought two horses.

Instead of that mortgage I could have had…I pay board.

Instead of buying a new car…I bought a horse trailer.

Instead of buying a sweater…I bought a saddle pad.

Instead of buying that beautiful but unnecessary pair of louboutins…I paid a vet bill.

Instead of buying a pair of practically priced shoes…I bought my horse his shoes.

Instead of going on a vacation…I went to a horse show.

Instead of a taco…I bought the new issue of Heels Down Magazine.

Instead of setting more money aside…I indulged in a new (used) saddle.

Instead of getting the latest iPhone…I paid for my entry fees.

Instead of getting steak for dinner…I paid for my horse to have weight gain supplements.

Instead of maxing out my retirement funds…I make sure my horse has an emergency fund

Instead of buying frivolous things I don’t need (Ok, well maybe that excludes a home, car, and retirement fund) I paid for my horse to be happy, comfortable, and super spoiled.

Cheers to the things I didn’t buy, because none of them compare to my horse.

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