Need free images for your prize list, or tack room wall? Here’s an online source:

Feed and supplies:

Signing up with your email to a couple of reputable companies is well worth the effort. The companies I’ve found that are reliable and provide coupons worth the risk are:

Farnam (free newsletter, lots of giveaway contests, coupons) On the website they have a section called “Stable Talk” with educational articles, tips, videos. Some are fairly simple in nature and introduce new horse owners to typical equine issues.

Nutrena Feed ( scroll down to the the bottom to the email tab and you will receive things in the mail.

Standlee Forage products: and they have a neat calculator where you can input your horse’s info and get a custom feed plan, and get a coupon right off the site!

Manna Pro:

Just for fun:

Want to play a real-life horse game? I found a free downloadable game online: Someone play it and give me a review! And here’s links to even more games, some are free with download, some allow a certain amount of free play:

Free horse coloring pages for kids (a long list of many here)

Charts and charts!

Pinterest is a treasure trove of free stuff. Here’s a really useful download at pinterest: A Horse Blanketing Chart from Horse DVM. and find other good subjects there like Toxic Plants to Horses (several charts including this one and more. It’s specifically meant to educate by visual means so check it out if you are looking for good stable graphics. How about horse coat colors? or Bridle, Bit & Rein Tutorial here

These stable management related charts are really nice:


The USEF even has a couple of freebies!  for a really good vaccination chart

Free Horse Books

Project Gutenburg is a site where you can download free books online. Find these titles and many, many more. These turned up with a very short search. Black Beauty, The Virginian, Horseman of the Plains; A Horse’s Tale by Mark Twain; On Horsemanship by Xenophon; Clever Hans; Slim Evans and His Horse Lightning; Lameness of the Horse; The ABC’s of Foxhunting; Diseases of the Horse’s Foot; Thoroughbreds; Horses of the Sahara; The Art of Horse-shoeing; An Old Coachman’s Chatter (Some Practical Remarks on Driving); New Method of Horsemanship (Baucher); Coaches and Coaching; The Horsewoman, a Practical Guide to Side-Saddle Riding; The Shire Horse in Peace and War; In The Saddle, a collection of poems on horseback riding; The Horse’s Mouth (Mayhew) and many, many more. Search terms “horse” “equine” “equestrian” etc. will turn up many classics and interesting older volumes. They are downloadable in several formats.

Shopping – briefly

Shopping online: visit and put “horse” in the search box, and scroll down – there are many coupons listed for all sorts of equine supply houses and online tack stores. When you order, always check Retailmenot before leaving that coupon code box blank!

How About Legal Forms?

Free legal forms including bills of sales, lease agreements, boarding agreements, trailer sales agreements, shipped semen agreement, etc. quite a few equine related legal documents live at this link. Great sample forms for your use or to check with your lawyer for use:

And the USDF also has a comprehensive state by state list of release forms! It’s at the very bottom of this page on their website – scroll to the bottom and click on the state you’re interested in:

Free from the USEA: and guide to your first event here  USEF’s excellent magazine, Equestrian, is available free for download four times a year at this link and you do not need to be a member to do so

Speaking of free, USDF has a new free app  located here

They are also offering dressage screensavers here:

USDF tests are here:

and don’t forget the link here to all the USEF dressage tests : (Training level on up)

Are you in Pony Club or know someone who is? You need to visit this page: it’s the rulebooks download portal for every rulebook in the various pony club activities. All are updated regularly.

For kids: lots of free things for children interested in foxhunting and riding to hounds here at the MFHA website: free coloring book pages, a free booklet and more. Here’s a sample page:

The USHJA has the Owner’s Resource Guide here and it’s a really wonderful document that has been written with the hunter/jumper competitor in mind.

A final word of warning: be careful in downloading anything and make sure your virus protection is up to date when downloading from unknown websites.