My husband hates it when I bring the horse laundry home to wash.  But I have devised a few steps that helps stop so much hair being discovered in the washer – and a way to tidy up the evidence.  Yes it is a bit of work, but if the option is to have dirty horse stuff, then so be it.  Check out my Barn Hack Tip video here.

Now this is for polos and saddle pads, sometimes I will take home a fleece cooler if it doesnt have buckles.  Metal buckles are really hard on your machines at home, best to send that stuff out to a blanket cleaner.

Step #1 – don’t wait too long before you take your stuff home.  The really gross, crusty saddle pads just don’t clean very well and you take a lot of hair home with you.

Step #2 – prepping the laundry: use a stiff brush and brush off as much of the loose hair as possible at the barn.  I try to do this when I am packing up my laundry to go home.

Step #3 – use the vacuum at home, in the garage or laundry room, to suck up more of the hair.  An annoying but useful step.

Step #4 – optional and I don’t always do this one but you can pop the dirty laundry in the dryer for 10mins or so on cool to get more hair out and in the lint trap.

Step#5 – wash laundry – and then wipe out the washer with a damp rag after the wash is done.  There is always a nice coating of hair in there.

Step #6 – run an empty washer or wash old towels – I always have old towels in the hamper from wiping the dogs feet or cleaning up something or other around the house.  So always easy to find something to wash that doesn’t matter if it gets a little hair on it.

Step #7 – after it is all done in the dryer, clean out the lint trap.  Use the vacuum to clean it out and get anything loose in the door area.

This way you can get rid of all the evidence of having done your laundry at home!!  And when questioned?  I blame the dog bedding for the hair….