Giving Thanks Entry #9

By Suzanne Corker

Meet Jesse. Jesse is my 8 year old Rocking Mountain gelding who is learning to do pretty much everything. He does decent basic dressage. He jumps. He likes doing trail obstacles. He has a sense of humour. He is really smart and he makes me laugh daily. Sadly, he is the conundrum of the ‘easy keeper’. Which means we need to monitor his weight and feet in an almost militant fashion. No grass for this pony. July 2015 he had a laminitis episode which he recovered from in fine fashion and returned to regular work.

Jesse did very well until this September when he inexplicably had another episode. Nothing had changed. Well, that is not entirely true. I owned him now (Yes, I did buy a horse that had had laminitis, yes, I knew – after all, I nursed him through it). And I was working full time.

Honestly, I do not know what I would have done without the help of a great many people. The first few days I adjusted my work days and spent hours in the wash stall soaking his feet in ice water. Using bags of ice that a number of people just brought up for us. Oh, and trying not to cry where people could see me.

My coach, Heather, helped hose and frantically called people looking for ice boots. She showed up with a bag of goodies – treats for me, Magic Cushion, duct tape, and heaps of moral support. The barn staff made sure he was medicated as needed and filled in the hosing schedule.

Other boarders – faithfully and kindly offered to hose his feet while I was at work. Some of them playfully fighting over the responsibility like they were his great aunts. Still another fellow boarder offered her horse to exercise and play with between hosing – as I would frequently come up hose, do something else and hose again.

The farrier has always been good at checking him in during moments of crisis and once again, stepped up.

A facebook friend, who has rehabbed a number of laminitic horses continued to respond to questions, frustrations and concern graciously and kindly.
My 18 year old son picked up additional at home responsibilities.

Fortunately, the episode ended as quickly as it started. Jesse is back in work, and in fact, came back in top form, happy to work and to work well.

I am blessed. Jesse is blessed.