‘Tis the season for spreading the joy, giving gifts to loved ones, and embracing and helping your community. As horse junkies, it’s safe to say that often our lists are dominated by our horse’s needs and the things that could make our lives a little bit easier. We might be dreaming, but here’s some things that would make any equestrian want to give Santa a hug.

An extra few hours in each day…either for more barn time or a nap.

For the smell of the barn to become your significant other’s new favorite perfume.

More duct tape. Actually, all the duct tape.

No more thrown shoes or unplanned calls to your farrier.

For board to not go up at all this next year.

Maybe hay and bedding will get cheaper, then board can go down!

For horse laundry to not destroy your washing machine.

All of the 2017 shows to run on time and in a way that is convenient for your work/barn life.

For your horse to learn to poop in one spot so it’s easier to clean his stall.

A quick winter…or an all expenses paid season down south (plus spending money, duh).

No unexpected vet bills.

A refund for any class that you go off course on (or a gift card to download Jump Off App).

For your horse to stop spooking at that scary corner of the indoor.

To finally find a bit that your horse will love for more than a week.

More socks…because somehow all your barn socks keep disappearing or getting holes in them.

A year of no truck (or trailer…or car) problems.

For your car to magically clean itself.

An unlimited supply of mints, carrots, and apples.

To have a pair of breeches that are affordable and flattering.

For your blankets to last through the winter.

Merry Christmas horse junkies! We’d tell you to treat yourself, but we know half your wish list (if not more) is always for your horse.