Well, winter has arrived in the mid-Atlantic states.  The snowbirds have migrated south and the rest of us have opened up the bags of winter clothing and hand warmers to face the colder temperatures.  There are things that I do like about this time of year, but there are also things I truly despise about the season…

Love: Not having sweat pouring down my face and burning my eyes.
Hate: The wind stinging my eyeballs making it look like I am crying.

Love: Not having to have ninja like reflexes to kill horseflies.
Hate: Being so padded to stay warm that I move like the StaPuff Marshmallow Man.

Love: Not riding in the atomic dustbowl.
Hate: Frozen footing.

Love: The lack of humidity.
Hate: The lack of sunlight.

Ike’s opinion of winter.

Love: No allergies and random sneezing while I ride.
Hate: That my nose runs like a faucet in cold weather.

Love: The energy that my horse has.
Hate: The bat crap crazy energy my horse has on some days.

Love: Pockets in my winter coats.
Hate: My fingers being so frozen that they can grasp nothing in the pockets.

Love: Not having to clean gooey sweat globs off the bridle.
Hate: How impossible it is to manipulate cold leather.

Love: Not fearing having a shoe sucked off in the mud.
Hate: Worrying that my horse with twist a fetlock in the frozen mud holes.

Love: Not worrying about odd tan lines.
Hate: Wind burn and chapped lips.

Love: Not having to wear a gas mask in the car with the dirty, sweaty saddlepad.
Hate: Having to wait for the ice on the windshield to melt.

So what are your favorite and least favorite things about this time of year?


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