Entry #11

By Conny S.

Giving thanks to have the ability to save a horse from the Kill Pen. 40 Appaloosa from one owner found their lives turned upside down when the big rigs started coming up and driving all the horses into a small hole of a trailer.

Fortunately for “Mazie” I found the cry for help on Facebook on Sunday afternoon and after figuring out everything on our end, we bought that little mare from the Killbuyer who would have send her to the slaughterhouse the following day. All horses did actually find a home and the semi had to be cancelled.

We had to keep her in quarantine in Kansas for one week and then drove up the following weekend to get her to our property. The rescue place had already made us aware that all the horses were getting sick and all the mares over 2 years of age were pregnant.

The following Sunday we packed out truck and trailer and drove to Kansas, 10 minutes away from the rescue place our truck gave us a “Check Engine Light” Warning with the code “Transmission slipping”. My husband and I decided not to tell my mother that our truck might break down at any time and drove on like nothing was wrong.

At the quarantine place we encountered the Appaloosa who were in horrid body condition scores, the ones who were not pregnant were just skin and bones and the only reason the pregnant mares didn’t look that bad, was because of the foal growing inside of them and giving them the appearance of a belly.
Three mares had already aborted their foals and while we were waiting our turn to get “Mazie” another mare aborted. Thankfully all these horses had owner that they were doing to.

“Mazie” surprised us by being quiet though unhandled and we basically lifted her into the trailer without too much fuss from her. She did great during the trailer ride and ate on the hay we had offered her in a haybag even though she did not want to drink water on any of the stops.

God-willing the truck did not break down until we drove unto our property and “Mazie” was tranquil enough to follow me into the roundpen which was used as our quarantine.

The next day we had our veterinarian come out who diagnosed her with severe Pneumonia with consolidated lungs and pregnant with a live foal.

Days of IV medication with days of oral medications followed and her last recheck ultrasound showed a considerable improvement in her lungs and a foal that was moving around so much that the veterinarian was unable to get a fetal heartrate.

Still on antibiotics which are now being mixed into her food, that mare has not slowed down. She is still the calmest horse I have ever encountered and is interested in her surroundings even though hay is right in front of her. “Mazie” knows that she has feed coming when there is no more and doesn’t need to hunger or thirst for anything anymore.

We hereby give thanks that we have the property and a stall to help this sweet little mare in growing into her full potential and knowing that she will have a home with us until the end.