Entry #12

By Ashton Wiebe

I am thankful to have my first horse back with me for his retirement.

A few years ago, I rehomed my first horse (Garrett) with a great family. He was happy and well cared for, and I could visit him whenever I wanted. Last year I moved across the country to Ontario to go to school, and his family was in the process of moving to B.C.. They were looking to rehome some of their horses, and I was able to make arrangements to bring him home this fall.

Garrett is now living out his retirement in Manitoba, with my parents. He currently enjoys 24/7 turnout, and rules his field of much younger (and bigger) horses with an iron fist (or hoof!). One look from Garrett, and he gets whichever pile of hay he wants. My mom spends lots of time with him, and is looking forward to taking him on a trail ride next spring once the snow melts. Garrett will be 24 in May!

I am thankful to know that he has been well cared for through his golden years, and to know that I have control over him for the rest of his life. It is hard to think about our partners getting older, but Garrett will have the best of care as he ages. He is already spoiled by my mom, but the Kensington turnout blanket would help keep him cozy as he rules his pasture.