Which Clip is Which?

One of the debates you hear around the barn is which clip goes where when you are tacking up in the cross ties – on the wall or on the halter?

Cross ties come with two clips, a quick release clip and a regular clip which is not so easy to release quickly.   Now we all agree that the tie ring on the wall of the cross ties should have binder twine for the clip to attach to in order to be able to break away if necessary.  But if there is an emergency and you need to unclip the cross ties quickly, which side should the quick release clip be on?  The wall or the halter?

Watch this video and see why I think cross ties should be this way.

*NOTE: I am not a fan of the bungee cross ties and in fact think they are quite dangerous.   No matter which way you attach the clips, if (and when) the binder twine breaks or anything happens the bungee will turn into a catapult towards the horses head.  And if you ues the quick release, hold on! Any tension on the bungee will make the elastic snap back once the pressure is released.