Cabin Branch Tack in Southern Pines, N.C. is more than just an important business for a bustling horse community with many professional riders in the area. Owned by Don and Percy Warren and managed by Trish Warren, Cabin Branch Tack is more akin to a family in a small town where everybody knows everybody.

“Several years ago when people still paid by check, a relative from New York came to visit one Christmas,” recalled Trish Warren, business manager. “He sat in here as we checked people out and at the end of the day he said, ‘I noticed your employees didn’t ask for drivers licenses with checks.’ I laughed and said, ‘That’s because we know where everyone lives.’ We know 90% of people that come into the door.”

The walls of the shop have housed tack for over half a century, many years before the name Cabin Branch came along.

“The shop has been here over 50 years. It used to be called Bozick Saddlery, owned by Sam Bozick, and at that point it was just one side of this building,” said Trish. “The history gets a little gray from there. Somewhere along the line a lady from Kinston, N.C. bought and that’s where it acquired the name Cabin Branch Tack.”

Trish’s family purchased the business in 1995, left the name, and have been operating the business for 22 years since.

A registered veterinary technician by training, Trish got into managing the business a bit by trial and error.

“I had ridden most of my life but I was typical amateur rider and did everything at lower level. At that time there was a large professional rider community here, and I learned a lot from the pros that came into the shop as far as what kind of tack and equipment they wanted. That was the biggest learning curve – figuring out what they wanted. They were so kind and willing to help us grow that part of the business.”

Cabin Branch caters to english disciplines, including foxhunting. Their customer base ranges from the beginning adult amateur to the seasoned professional. They also give back to the horse community in a big way, sponsoring local shows and events.

“The local tack shops are what support their local horse community. When I sit down at the end of the year and look at what we’ve sponsored and donated to, it’s a lot. Were big sponsors for many of the large horse shows and horse trials here, but also smaller 4-H events. If riders are going and enjoying these shows, they need to support us because we’re supporting these local communities. It’s a full circle – if everyone supports everyone, we can continue the lifestyle that we enjoy.”

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