What better time is there to create new goals, and reach for the stars, than a new year?

I’m not talking new year’s resolutions, because we all know that barely anybody follows through on the promise of going to the gym every day. Most people don’t get past the 3rd week in January before that one goes out the window.

This isn’t about new year’s resolutions. This is about goals as an equestrian.

I’ve never been terribly good at setting goals. I am the definition of ADHD, and my thought process cannot even be described in a sensible manner, in case you couldn’t tell by my blogs. When I start trying to set goals I go from A to Z in about 0.3 seconds and then end up failing miserably and discouraging myself. Ultimately, I set impossible goals for short term purposes then self deprecate until I decide I’m just not good enough. Setting an impossible goal for the future is one thing. You can always work towards the impossible. But I’m the queen of instant gratification, and that is no good for anybody.

Over the years I’ve learned to slow down and be more sensible. Walle, my big yellow potato pony, has taught me a lot over the past two years about patience. And he also taught me very quickly that setting goals (for me, everyone is different) has to be a step by step process.

I accomplished one show last summer. We trotted through Intro A and B at a local Dressage show and came away with two spectacular scores for my green bean. I was so proud of him, but ultimately I felt like I failed because I couldn’t (didn’t) continue to show the rest of the season. I have to remind myself that that show WAS an accomplishment, not a failure. And this year, we will do at least one more show. I won’t say that we’ll do the whole series, because if I fail I will disappoint myself. So my goal for 2017 is to do one more show, ride those two tests again, and TRY to achieve even better scores than last time. If I am able to complete the whole series, that will be amazing. But again, we’re doing a step by step process here.

In short, my goals for 2017 will be to get my fat pony in shape (hopefully the weather will help me out there soon), accomplish at least one Dressage show while aiming to better our scores in Intro A and B, and to take the Potato out on as many off property excursions as possible. My only other “goal” is truly just dependent on how well we do this summer, but I was able to take him cross country schooling in the fall and he LOVED it. So I would love to introduce him to very low level eventing at some point if he and I can both get in shape and get more miles under our belts.

I know these may not seem like very big goals for many equestrians who read these blogs, but the only things that matters to me in the long run is that my goals remain humble and realistic for myself and my potato.