Hopefully you are still working on your January resolution to Be a Better Rider and continuing with our series.  I expect (hope!) you are still doing your core strengthening exercises at home or at the office for 5 minutes a day from the first “Be a better Rider” Series.  As well as your hip flexor exercises – stretching and strengthening.

In this video Lauren McGuire, Msc Physiotherapy and FEI rider,  will show you how to assess your position.  You can do with with a friend or up against a wall.  If that is a bit challenging or you are not sure, then do these on the floor.  The point of this is, while you engage your core, you are able to move your tail bone under your body and push your lower back out slightly.   Your belt is to be horizontal to the floor if you are lying down – or parallel to the floor while standing or riding.

Of course this all goes together with continuing to develop your core strength and working on your hip flexors.  So keep up with your exercises – only 5-10 minutes a day will make an improvement by the time show season comes along.

Coming up next – how to apply this all in the saddle and an exercise to improve your alignment and balance. Onwards to a successful 2017!

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