Have you been committed to working on your core, your hip flexors and your alignment for 5-10 mins everyday at home or while sitting at your desk?  Now you are going to take all that information and new strength to the barn with these two exercises you are going to try in the saddle.

Lauren McGuire, Msc Physiotherapy and FEI dressage rider, works with Alison Martin, Canadian High Performance Dressage Coach, on two exercises to help develop your independent seat and improving your alignment.

If you find either of these exercises challenging, go back to your exercises at home and then try again.  Also check your stirrup length, are they too long or too short?

None of this will happen quickly so give it some time to develop and work on all of your exercises at home as well as these everyday to see a difference.  And keep trying even if it feels impossible to do the exercises in the video – I promise you will get it and I don’t ask any of my students to do any exercises I haven’t already tried and worked out in my head how it will benefit you as a rider!  So if I can do this exercise, so can you!

Have fun and keep up the good work!  Onwards 2017!



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