A few people have mentioned that even though they have been working on their core, lengthening and strengthening their hip flexors and addressing their alignment – as well as the exercises in the saddle with Lauren McGuire, their leg still wants to shrink up in the sitting trot and sometimes the canter too.

So I put together some things to check to see if perhaps there is a little thing you can change that will make it easier for you to have a long leg in the sitting trot.  As well as another exercise to try to develop a longer leg.

Now, I know we all want to know the secret formula to a “10” position.  But…. ya know I am gonna say this …. the secret is hard work, mindfulness, concentration and putting in the time to see the difference.  And let’s face it, some horses are more challenging to sit than others!  So give all of these videos a go and put in some time to work on it 5-10mins everyday and if you are committed to working on it you will see an improvement!   Now go get to work!

Onwards to a better position in 2017!