“I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow?”

Came the general statement from the cubicle next to me. My co-worker had tossed the question in the air without the thought that it would be answered.

“It’s going to be a high of 39 degrees, partly cloudy in the morning, then sunnier skies in the afternoon, and the sun will set at 5:37pm.” I rambled the answer like a fourth grader reciting her times tables.

“Ohh..ohhkay,” came the perplexed reply.

Fact: We are subconsciously obsessed with weather.

It fuels our training regime, dictates the type of blankets we pile on our horses, and predicts how well the show will run. In short, weather makes our rides a brilliant success or failure.

I confess that I check the weather a minimum of 3 times a day, and in the summer, radar watching is my favorite past time at work.

The green rain blob oozes its way across the map toward my barn’s location. My heart beats a frantic rhythm as I watch the storm turn to an angry orange then red, hurling buckets of rain on my poorly draining ring. Images of Copper slopping through the mud, pulling shoes, and slipping fill my every thought. I realize my dreams of working trot sets today are washed down the proverbial drain.

But then….

I check back an hour later and the green rain blob has altered its course! The radar shows it will skim past my barn! Who cares if my dad’s tomatoes die from drought, my trot sets are saved!

We stalk the weather nearly as much as the cute guy in calculus or your competitor’s riding videos.

Non-horsey people like to stay inside for the most part. If they do go outside, it’s for a pleasant jog or a walk on a lovely day. There is this place called “gym” where they can run around inside and lift stationary objects for fun.

We riders are kin to the postal service. Come snow, rain, sleet, or flying cats, we will make it to the barn, even if it’s just to give an extra treat to that adorable long face and fuzzy muzzle.