By Hollyn Mangione

Yup, I am going to address the elephant in the room for many of us equestrian women. The non-riding horse husband. When I met my spouse, courtesy of an introduction from a horsey friend, I wasted no time in introducing him to the horses. My father told him right off the bat “don’t ever make her choose between you or the horses or you’ll lose”. I think at the time…he was an Assistant Professor, looking to do research and publish in search of tenure. He thought it would be perfect to date someone who had her own interests and didn’t need him to be around all the time.

I don’t think he really had ANY IDEA of what he was in for! The late night vet emergency calls, the baby horse riding supervision (aka call 911 if this goes to hell), fence repairs, non-existent vacations, grooming at shows, tractor driving, and late night checks and nose kisses. This is a man who could happily live in a condo.

We are now living on our second farm…and putting in an indoor arena to cope with the brutal Indiana winters (this one excluded). I have a lovely and talented young WB mare who I am starting…slowly..and she is a bit spooky and will not be a jumping horse. I finally gave myself the “you only live once and you are getting older” talk and made a crazy trip to Aiken and bought myself a nice, already started, very quiet mare.

Over the years, he has gone from horse husband novice to expert level…see the text conversation below…. I left after work Wednesday afternoon….. we had not spoken since…it’s Saturday night, he has no idea who I am with or where I have been other than in Aiken.

Followed by this picture of my two at home hiding in the run in feeling sorry for themselves.

Oh and we are taking a vacation over spring break to Aiken to see said horse..who will be shipping home on the 18th or 19th, at the end of our trip.

Totally nailed the expert level.