Many professions have an assortment of networking events. If you’re near a major city, chances are you can find an event or an organization that can catch your interest. While equestrians congregate for horse shows, they don’t necessarily have a space where they can share knowledge and new ideas. Eventer Laura Mungioii is out to change that. “The idea of a social gathering for eventers during the week came to me while at the Ocala Jockey Clubs inaugural event over this past Thanksgiving,” said Laura. “The competitors party Saturday night was so much fun and the clubhouse was perfect – we all thought a wine and cheese social would be fun, but nothing came of it. Then in December, Kyle Carter wrote an article about the need for education in the sport and I connected the two ideas and thought maybe if there was an educational side to the wine and cheese that the Ocala Jockey Club would go for. I got in touch with them and they were supportive of the idea!”

Like any good idea, sometimes thinking of it can be one of the easiest parts. “It’s been a learning curve for me as I’ve never organized an event like this, but the Ocala Jockey Club has been great in taking care of the logistics. I was in charge of finding speakers and that’s been a fun adventure!” Laura has created, implemented, and hosted two events so far this winter season. The first seminar was with Danny Warrington and featured his new LandSafe program, which helps show equestrians safer ways to fall off a horse. The second seminar featured Jeff Kibbie and discussed the intricacies of course design. “Both these events ran late as a Q&A at the end kept attendants chatting and really getting into the conversation. The laid back atmosphere was fabulous and encouraged a very informative and personal experience for everyone there.”

With the winter season coming to a close and kicking up into the frenzied spring season in the next few weeks, there will be one more Wine and Cheese Seminar before the Ocala eventers prepare to head north. The third, and final seminar of the season is on March 8th and will feature a lively session with Tik Maynard to go over 5 strategies for building a better relationship with your horse. “We are really excited to have him,” exclaimed Laura. “Tik is known for his ability to connect with a horse on an incredible level.” In addition to his abilities to create a better connection with our equine partners, he’s also an advanced level event rider, a pony club “A” graduate, and a published writer for a variety of equine magazines.

Currently attendance for these fun events is only $10 for admission and $5 for drinks. While the seminar series is still looking for sponsorship, Laura has been thrilled with the growing attendance and the desire of everyone to give their community a shared voice and educational opportunities.

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