Equestrians – we take ourselves seriously, and for good reason. We wake up at the crack of dawn, work hard for long hours, pour our heart and soul (and wallet!) into this sport, and usually end the day completely filthy. With that kind of pressure, who doesn’t need a laugh every once in awhile? Whether you’ve watched one too many rounds from the rail, need to laugh at your own fails, or want to get your friend to crack a smile and get out of her head, try out these comments to give everyone a chuckle ringside.

Disclaimer: There’s a time and place for everything. The George Morris clinic you’re auditing is neither of those.

“That was easily your best face plant this year.”

“I’d totally give you bonus points for that sassy buck on the 20-meter circle.”

“Yeah, you swap that lead!”

“You’re bringing sexy back with that hair net.”

“The judge had his head turned. I repeat! The judge had his head turned!”

“Say you meant to counter canter and call it equitation.”

“Sit up and fake it!”

Your Trainer: “You went off course.”
You: “If you can’t convince them, confuse them!”

“Your barrel racer skills are on point today.”

“My crop is in fact a magic wand.”

“I’m sure it was the best looking bolt the judge has ever seen.”

“He’s got a tight hind end.”

“I applaud your commitment to knocking down every rail.”

“Falling into the water just eliminates the need for a shower later.”

Your Trainer: “What were you thinking?!”

You: “I wasn’t.”