“Flip your whip.”

“Put your whip on the outside.”

“Put your whip on the inside.”

We have heard it right?!?  And the dressage whip is long! so you can’t (shouldn’t) pull it thru with your other hand like a sword.  Its messy, and quite frankly slow and cumbersome.  It is one of my pet peeves that people don’t, can’t or won’t flip their whip properly.  It is fast and easy, as well as the least distruptive to your ride. Besides, it makes your riding look so much more polished and professional!

Now, as you move up the levels it will be more important to move it from side to side, hand to hand.  You need your whip on the side you need it on for the movement you are doing – there is no steadfast rule of “always on the inside” or “always on the outside”.  You need it sometimes either or both or whichever depending on what you are needing to do.

Flipping your whip is an easy skill to learn but takes a little time to master so you can Flip It Fast.  Flip It Good … or whatever without dropping it, loosing your reins, whacking yourself or your horse.

Here it is quick and easy in a few simple “flip it” steps:

1. Put both reins – or all the reins if riding in a double – in the hand you are holding the whip.

2. Push the whip down to the end with your free hand so you are holding the whip at the top top by the nob.

3. With your free hand, reach over with your pinkie to the sky, and palm of your hand facing foward (towards the horses head) while at the same time twisting your whip hold hand so your thumb goes down and pinkie to the sky (with the palm facing forward) so now your whip is facing up.

4. Grab the whip with the free hand with your thumb touching the pinkie, both palms will be facing outwards and finish with your hands in normal position.

5. Take your reins back into both hands.


Practice in the halt then at the walk and by then you will have it and down pat.  Now go Flip It!