Before the products were in countless barns and on countless horses, Back on Track began in the United States with a little bit of innovation and a lot of luck. Bo Lofvander, founder and owner of Back on Track USA, says that he was in the right place at the right time back in 2003 when the company was born.

“It was pure luck that I got involved in it,” he laughed. “The product had been used a bit in Sweden on people with good results after it was developed by a doctor. I was just lucky that I got to introduce it over here.”

The ceramic technology fabric, which provides joint and muscle support through long wave heat radiation, had been successfully providing therapeutic benefits on people overseas, and a horse trainer in Sweden decided to use the product on a racehorse.

“This trainer took a human elbow brace and used it on a racehorse with a suspensory injury,” said Bo, who was born in Sweden but now resides in Pottstown, Pa., where the Back on Track USA warehouse is located. “The horse wasn’t supposed to race again but was back winning a race after nine months. So people started wondering why there weren’t horse products.”

Not long after, a friend of Bo’s saw an interesting-looking leg wrap on a racehorse and asked the groom what it was. She loved the product and asked Bo if he would like to get involved in finding more. Bo was able to put all of his equine industry contacts to use after spending many years as a Standardbred racehorse buyer and trainer in the U.S.

“We bought about 100 of these leg wraps that my friend had found from the groom – they were gray at that time – and walked through the racing barns and said ‘Here, try them. If you like them you can buy them, if not you can give them back.’”

After about three months, the product took off, Bo said. His friend no longer wanted to be involved in the business which had become bustling and time-consuming, and Bo took over.

“I started thinking about what other products we could offer for horses. Could we make a blanket? A hock wrap?” he said. Now, Back on Track offers boots, blankets, saddle pads and joint wraps for horses, and has expanded into human and canine lines as well.

Transparency about the product and its benefits is one of the most important values for the company, and Bo believes it’s a big part of why the company has grown. In addition to a 30-day money back guarantee, the company hosts uncensored customer reviews from on their website. On TrustPilot, Back on Track has a customer rating of “Excellent” – a 9.3 out of a perfect 10.

“Over two years we have over 1500 reviews. TrustPilot is a great thing for a company to have, because you can’t change the reviews, so people know those reviews are honest.”

While the products can be found on many of the top equine competitors in the country, Back on Track aims to help every horse feel better, no matter what level of training or skill.

“I’ve said all along that this is not a product just for the top horses, and competition. It’s for everyone,” said Bo. “Every horse and every dog and every person has aches and pains. I’m the first to say – our product is not a miracle product, but it definitely helps.”

For more info, visit the Back on Track website.