It’s practically in our DNA to spoil our horse beyond belief. We even find an abundance of human products that we can use on our horses. But…what about products for our horses that we can use on ourselves? I can’t count the number of times I’ve been at a horse show, still hitched up, and have had to steal a thing or two from my horse to help me get through the day.

Here’s my top five things to borrow from my horse:

Vet Wrap: I don’t know if there is a human equivalent to this, but vet wrap is a life saver. I keep about 15 rolls of it in my horse trailer at any given times. We all know why we love it for our horses, but it’s saved my butt a number of times as well, from smashed fingers to burnt thighs (yeah, that happened), to wrapping it around my tall boot that just busted right before I had to get on for my division. Vet wrap is my number one pick, no matter the situation. Pro tip – always have some in black, you never know when something important will break and chances are it’ll be black.

Back On Track Mesh Sheet: If it’s a little chilly or you’re feeling a little sore, find some time to borrow your horse’s Back On Track mesh sheet. It’ll help soothe your aches and revive that pep in your step. Seriously, it works. I might do this more often than I’m proud of, but I’d like to think my horse doesn’t mind sharing it with me.

Rein Stoppers: This might not totally transcend the barn use like vet wrap does, but it’s still a worthwhile mention. Put your rein stop at the top of your whip to act as a cap so you’re less likely to use it. I do this for all my jumping bats, especially those I use out on cross country. Sometimes you get a bit in the moment and your whip can go flying. This helps give it a “topper” and can help keep it from falling out of your hand as easily.

Hoof Pick: This can act as a great bottle opener if you’re creative. Plus, you can never have too many hoofpicks. Bonus: there are hoofpicks that have a wine opener attached to it. You should avoid using this that way if you’re going to be the one hauling the trailer (or driving at all) later that day! It’s still very handy for opening things up…especially if you’re already using the vet wrap to help soothe a smashed finger or two!

Polo wraps: Did you forget your tall boots or half chaps? Don’t worry, polo wraps can work great in a pinch! These fluffy rolls of fabric have saved my poor legs from chafing on multiple occasions. They’re not comparable to the real thing, so you might want to make your jump school a flat lesson, but they definitely save the day when needed.

What are your favorite things to borrow from your horse?