Some equestrians were fortunate enough to grow up in a barn. They were thrown on the back of a horse in a leadline class; their first blue ribbon hung over their crib. The majority of us grew up with a dream and until our first lesson or pony ride, we had to find some way of coping with the serious lack of horses in our lives. And that means we had to get creative.

You know you grew up horse-obsessed and horseless if:

You built obstacles for your dog or cat to jump over and judged your pets on their form. Get those knees up, Fluffy!

Dolls were only used to ride your model horses.

The doll’s hair could look like a rat’s nest, but heaven forbid Star’s mane get a single tangle!

Any time you were in the car, you would look out the window and imagine galloping alongside it on your trusty steed.

Forget Barbie’s Dream House, you wanted Barbie’s Dream Stable.

The sound of High Stepper’s hooves clomping around your house still haunt your parents’ dreams.

You read every horse novel possible, even though all the plotlines were the same.

You judged other kids by how authentic their “neigh” sounded.

During school, you played with your eraser and pencils like horses and jumps.

You loved ponies (because you’d never been around them enough to find out their true devious nature).

It didn’t matter if it was a sweater or cigarette case. If it had a horse picture on it, you wanted it!

You proudly proclaimed you loved the smell of horse manure, even when all the other kids hated it.

Horse movies were the best, mostly because you hadn’t learned enough to realize Hollywood’s poor equitation and improper saddling techniques.

When your friends wanted to play “house,” you volunteered to be the horse. Who needs an imaginary dog when you can have an imaginary horse?

You spent more time than necessary perfecting all horse sounds from neighs to clip-clops and snorts.

You were secretly proud of your horse noises – and still are.

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