Staying cool in the heat can be exceedingly difficult. I live in Michigan, but even our summers can get unbearingly hot, especially when it’s cross country day or a fitness day! Plus, when I have to travel south for events…let’s just say it makes me understand why I brave such cold winters every year! If you’re anything like me, you’re used to your horse being soaked in sweat, obviously a bit uncomfortable, and you wish there was something more you could do.

Thankfully, there are ways we can make our furry friends more comfortable when riding in the heat. Now, one of the ways you can help is by giving your horse an intelligent saddle pad. Yes, you read that correctly. ECOGOLD has taken it upon themselves to help keep horses comfortable during the excruciating summer heat with an intelligent saddle pad that offers unprecedented cooling relief for horses. The ECOGOLD CoolFit saddle pad is capable of decreasing the temperature of the saddle pad by nine degrees Fahrenheit.

While nine degrees may seem like a small amount, it makes a huge difference to our horses, or at least, it does for my horse! The CoolFit saddle pad also has to traditional sweat-wicking, non-slip, hypoallergenic and impact absorbing properties as all Ecogold saddle pads have.

After using these saddle pads at an event where I almost passed out at the finish line on cross country but my horse was in much better shape, I won’t use anything else now. That being said, they’re not as cheap as your average saddle pad, but they’re worth every penny. Mine are almost a year old and still look new. I’m able to use the same pad on multiple horses at events after a quick hose and letting it sit in the sun for a little bit. So, the extra price is really a nominal factor when you think about how many uses you get out of every ECOGOLD pad.

Though I also own an ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad, I do not use it with my CoolFit saddle pads. Personally, I find the CoolFit saddle pads provide enough support I do not need my flip half pad as well. That being said, my saddle is also custom fit for my upper level horse, and my young horse is a very similar fit. So, it might be different for you!

My last favorite thing? No more peeling off dripping wet saddle pads and having to find a “safe place” for them where they won’t make anything else disgusting. Winning!