We’ve all been there. Lessons run late because you want to get that exercise just right. Horse spa sessions take an hour longer because you can’t get the last bit of soap off your pony’s poor coat and you have a show next weekend so he has to look extra shiny. Hey, we get it, we’ve been there too! See if you’ve experienced any of these “Sorry, I can’t make it…” moments below!

Sorry, I can’t make it to lunch today. My horse threw a shoe and I have to go look through his giant field to see if I can find it.

Oh wait, that was last night? Sorry, I was just putting my stuff away in my tack trunk, and then three hours had passed, and I found a secret route to Narnia in there. Mr. Tumnus says hello.

Hey, your birthday party isn’t Saturday, is it? I forgot to RSVP but I need 10 extra points to make it to finals this year. We have to go to a show this weekend.

Uh, there was homework due? I was daydreaming about my lesson and forgot.

Brunch sounded awesome, until my trainer offered me a lesson in exchange for mucking some stalls. Have an omelet for me!

You guys are going out tonight? I’d love to come, but we’re packing for a horse show and if I’m not here, how will all of my unnecessary stuff get to the show? (It’s OK, I pack too much too.)

Wait, we had a date tonight? I thought when you asked if I was “excited to see that special guy” you meant my horse. I’m at the barn.

No, I won’t make it to the party. My horse tried to jump out of his pasture and three broken boards later I’m waiting on the vet. It might be a while.

Feel free to start the study session without me! My horse isn’t clipped so she’s super sweaty and I have to cool her out.

Sorry, I can’t make it. I’d rather be at the barn anyway.

Our horses are the highest priorities in our lives. When something comes up with them, they come first! If attended, the parties that we didn’t go to, the dinners that we didn’t make, and the things that we may have missed out on would mean we weren’t there for our horses when they needed us. While our excuses might get old, and some might be silly to non-equestrians, we’ve all been there.