My barn has officially put out the notice that it’s time for boarders to bring fly sheets out to the barn. It seems like just last week my horse was wearing a heavy…oh wait…that’s because they were! In the midwest, weather can be particularly volatile. Even though we’re only just starting to feel like spring, the flies are already starting to come out in full force.

Last summer both my horses decided to destroy their fly sheets. Unfortunately, this is an annual occurrence for both of them. I am lucky to get a fly sheet to last all summer, let alone multiple years. This year I’ve decided to try something different. Instead of going with the cheapest thing I know they can and will destroy, I splurged a little and got the Kensington Protective Products Protective Fly Sheet. I’ve used their winter blankets before and was throughly impressed with their quality and durability, so I figured I’d give this a shot!

First impressions: It was a bit heavier and thicker than I thought it would be. That being said, it’s still super breathable. Unlike other brands, they use Textiline fabric. I had to search on their website to see what it meant, but it means that the fabric is designed to withstand fading, fire, mildew, and wear and tear. The material also helps prevent UV rays and is designed in a way that actually helps promote healing for little cuts and scratches. It’s so durable they even suggest putting it on top of your winter blankets to add to durability and life expectancy. Well, looks like I might be trying that this winter too!

Donnie and Oscar’s Opinion: Both my boys are very sensitive thoroughbreds. You look at them the wrong way and they get shoulder rubs or rip their clothing apart. Due to the durability of the fabric I was initially worried about them getting shoulder rubs from these. Well, after a week of them wearing it, and doing plenty of playing, we are still rub free! What’s even better is that Oscar has finally stopped coming in with war wounds all over his back!

Bonus points: My favorite bonus is that there is no way this fly sheet or mask can be confused for anyone else’s. They come in very fun but flattering plaids and don’t look like the clones of fly sheets currently all over the market. This is something that I love. The color helps hide dirt, it’s easy to know it’s mine, it has some fun flair, and no one can possibly mistake it for theirs…at least not until they hop on the Kensington train and buy their own.

While we are only just kicking off fly season, I am very excited to see how these fly sheets hold up during the summer. I have high hopes for these beautiful babies! Stay tuned, I’ll be sure to post a follow up in a few months to see how they fare.

Learn more about Kensington Protective Products, here.