As a technology junkie, my phone is always filled with the latest and greatest apps. A lot of these are quick to be deleted when I become underwhelmed with their performance. The ones that have stayed over the years have proven themselves to be invaluable in either their practicality or entertainment…sometimes both!

Here are my must have apps for every equestrian.

Weather – Our entire lives revolve around the weather. This is kind of a no brainer. I personally prefer aviation based weather apps, as I find their radars to be a but more accurate. That being said, when in doubt, just use The Weather Channel app for all your climate stalking needs.

Heels Down Magazine – Another no brainer. It’s the best magazine ever and it’s all right there on your phone or tablet. I love it for reading between classes at a horse show or whenever I’m on the go.

SmartPak – This is a bit of a three for one type deal. From getting an order in before it’s too late to their blog and blanket app to help you out when you’re in a pinch, the SmartPak, SmartPak Blog, and SmartBlanket are all essential apps for the equestrian on the go.

USEF EquiTests – Picture this: your dressage test right on your phone! There’s a few different versions of EquiTests, for USDF, eventing, and FEI levels. Each one gives you the opportunity to read through your test, visualize it, record and play your audio of the test, and to look through a diagram of the test.

Trello – This is a free productivity app that has been a lifesaver in both my professional and equestrian life. Here is where I keep all my packing checklists, time sheets, riding exercises, notes, and anything else I can think of to help keep my head on straight. It’s a must have for anyone who is at risk of losing their mind or forgetting something big.

Jump Off – I used to be the worst at memorizing my courses. I was that adult ammy that could be spotted wandering around with a piece of paper and pen writing down my courses and scribbling around trying to memorize the jump off. Well…take that concept and simplify it to your phone! That’s not all though, the app let’s you visualize your course by watching a horse jump through the course you designed. Upload your course map, set your fences, visualize, then go in the ring and do it yourself! Super awesome.

Course Walk – This is another course memorizing app, but for eventers. It tracks your location with a satellite image and allows you to map out your course. You can take pictures of your fences, record notes about certain areas, and even use the app to help you determine your minute markets. Most of my Friday evenings at shows are spent going on this app so I can better prepare for cross country.

Yelp – I’m the worst at finding restaurants at horse show. This makes it so I actually find somewhere to eat that isn’t Panera Bread. Again, a no brainer but still very much a necessity.

Splice – I’ve played around with a lot of video editing apps, with some success and a lot of failures. Out of all the apps I’ve tried, Splice is my favorite free video editing app. It’s user friendly, high-quality, and doesn’t take up too much space on my phone.

What are your favorite apps?