On Memorial Day it poured here in N.J…for most of the morning, anyway. I hadn’t seen the Potato since the previous Wednesday, and riding time has been slim the last few weeks. My boy is starting to make some great progress, so I’ve been really bummed about not being able to work with him as much as I would like to. The rain stopped late morning, though. So I figured I’d head to the barn and ended up hopping on bareback.

So here we were, walking around….and to be honest I was pretty darn relaxed. I didn’t go down the one side of the ring because Walle is notorious for spooking if one of the neighbor’s horses (who are in the woods) moves unexpectedly. We just walked. Hell, I barely picked up the reins the whole ride. In fact I was pretty much spending this ride practicing the use of only my seat and legs to give any direction. (Which actually went pretty well.)

But alas, all good things must come to an end. Just as I was finishing up, I became too relaxed, I forgot about the woods, and we turned too close to them. It took less than 5 seconds between realizing my mistake, realizing I was NOT prepared for this, the pony jump and spin, and my slip right off of my soggy pony’s back, and the (literal) splat in the mud. I had put a saddle pad on him so I wouldn’t get my pants wet since he had been out in the rain all day (haha – joke is on me), so the saddle pad slid right off and I never had a chance.

I sat in the puddle for a minute assessing myself. Deciding I was only a bit bruised, body and ego, and very soggy, I looked up and he had slowly made his way back to me and stuck his nose right on my face like, “Sorry mom. Got scared. Why are you on the ground?” Then I told him how terrible he is while scratching his ears and giving him cookies.

Sometimes we fall, sometimes it’s the dumbest of situations, sometimes it’s at a walk, and sometimes we have to laugh about it because it’s just so ridiculous we can’t believe it even happened.