Following this funny little blog on 33 Unwritten Rules Everyone Needs To Follow, with things like “When riding the escalator, stand on the right and leave the left open for passers”, “Replace toilet paper after you finish it”, “Hold the door when you walk in after someone”, I realized we as equestrians have some unwritten rules too!

1. If your pony poops in the aisle, pick it up.

2. Please do not walk around on the rail talking or texting on your phone.

3. Turn down your music. If I can hear your music from your headphones, you can’t hear me yelling at you “heads up”.

4. If you use the last of the fly spray, make sure you get more before the owner needs it.

5. If you borrow a piece of tack/equipment, clean it before you give it back.  Or replace it if it is embarrassing.

6. Put the halter back where you found it.

7. When a friend trailers your horse, clean out the poop.

8. Coil up the hose when you are done.

9. Try to find your own space while riding, rather than swooshing past someone and hitting them with your whip.

10. Don’t answer your phone while you are having a lesson.

At a Horse Show

1. Please do not park your car in front of my unhooked trailer.

2.  If your pony poops in front of my stall, please pick it up.

3. If I lend you elastics, please leave me some too.

4. If I read your test in the pouring rain, be prepared to repay that favour – big time.

5. Unless it is your cooler, you don’t drink the last drink in there.

6. Be quiet when others are in the show ring.

7.  If I fed your horse breakfast this morning, you do the next morning.

8. Return a borrowed EC or USDF test booklet. Don’t lose it by putting it down on the bleachers.

9. When you are in the arena, turn your phone off or leave it in the barn.

10. If you borrow my wheelbarrow, bring it back empty.