As a lifelong animal lover, I knew that I wanted horses to be a part of my life from a very young age. After beginning college at Florida Atlantic University to study pre-veterinary biology and English literature, I decided that I wanted to pursue equine dentistry. Following my graduation in 2016, I started my own equine business at 20 years old.

Similar to riding, you learn to handle all different types of personalities as a dentist. The communication and understanding between myself and the horse makes floating a pleasant experience. I love this unique aspect of my job, and I honestly love every time I go to work.

I was drawn to equine dentistry by the hands-on aspect and interaction with horses. My approach focuses on using horsemanship to connect with each animal. The communication between myself and the horse through body language and energy encourages willing acceptance of the float, and it’s very rewarding to see the horse respond in relief as he feels his discomfort being diminished. Sometimes I do encounter a horse that requires sedation for routine floating, which is usually due to extreme sensitivity or just having poor ground manners. The secret to being able to do this without sedation is all about my own self control and leadership.

Starting my business, Chloe Hatch Equine Dentistry, was extremely exciting and I had no hesitation or doubt that this was what I wanted to do. People would ask if I was afraid of being bitten, or make comments about how young I looked and imply that I’m not capable because many dentists are men. I was always surprised by these types of remarks, but I had to realize that I just needed to keep working hard and show people that I’m a professional. Superficially, people see a young woman working in a potentially dangerous profession. What they couldn’t see by looking at me was all that I had learned in school and my skills that I constantly strive to perfect, so I had to show them. I had confidence in my knowledge and capabilities I didn’t let anyone convince me otherwise. I’m very driven in everything that I do, and it never occurs to me to think that I can’t do something for any reason, whether it be my young age, or the fact that I’m female. My parents certainly believed in me, and my dad told me to simply treat this as an opportunity to show people that I can do it.

My experience as an entrepreneur has been very empowering and fulfilling. I’m a huge believer in working toward your dreams. While this has demanded a lot of hard work, owning my business has been rewarding. I would be so bored if I had to sit at a desk from 9 to 5. As a rider and horsewoman, I already knew that connecting with the horse is what makes being around these animals so enriching. I love that my career allows me to be an advocate for using horsemanship and understanding to address dentistry.

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