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Top 10 Reasons that You Love Your Horse Family, by Suzanne Corker

Let’s face it, in most cases, you spend more time with your horse family than you do with your biological family. These are just some of the reasons that you become so attached.

1. They help you make HUGE financial decisions. Looking for a horse? Looking for a trailer? Looking for tack or equipment? Post amongst friends online. Soon, you will have a plethora of technical information and a bazillion links to ads of whatever you seek!

2. Oh, they are also VERY handy with advice you did not solicit. They can give you that, too! Your ride would go better if you: warmed up longer/warmed up shorter, did more flatwork/did less flatwork, took shoes off/put shoes on, got chiro/massage/a bitless bridle. The possibilities are endless.

3. Did you have a bad ride? They will either commiserate with you or give you a much needed kick in the butt to get on with it. And they will take out their phone and video it…but not post it anywhere without permission.

4. Did you have a GREAT ride? They will celebrate! And take out their phone and video it…and share it!

5. They understand your equine language. Terms like sheath cleaning, hands and doing the outside line that merely confuse your non-equine family are met with understanding. This is such an issue it generated its’ own video series.

6.No one bats an eye when you arrive somewhere (even a public place!) in barn clothes. Other people in the grocery or liquor stores will give you a wide berth or side eye or make odd sniffing noises. Horse family ask you how your ride was.

7.Horse friends give you important information to make your life easier. For example, the new front load washers handle most horse blankets, saving money and time dealing with professional cleaners. (Just remember to clean the filter and make sure the hair evidence is gone!).

8. Getting home from the barn in all hours? Horse friends never question how much time you spend at the barn. Home two hours later than you said? They understand that you are only aware of the time as you get in your car to leave.

9. Riding with someone three or four times a week adds up to a lot of hours over the year, not to mention outside of the barn social time. Even if you just look at how often you touch base with them on social media, you can’t help but build long- lasting strong friendships that see you through life – both horse life and the outside world’s trials and tribulations.

10. And the final reason why you love your horse family – you will ALWAYS have a million likes on your Instagram or Facebook posts. My brother, a non-horse person constantly complains that I always have way more likes than he does on anything that I post, and that it’s always my horsey friends!

What is it you love about your horsey family? I am looking forward to reading what you have to add in the comments section.