What if you could achieve greater fitness heights with just a few small changes? Are you committed to making this the summer of becoming a more fit equestrian? Are you a health and fitness nut already? Then you’ll want to keep reading…

Running. Crossfit. Yoga. Swimming. Rock climbing. The options are endless when it comes to becoming a more complete athlete, which translates into a better partner for our horses. Whatever your goals are, you can make them a reality.

We’re teaming up with Back On Track to motivate you to reach those goals. Everyone needs an extra kick in the pants, so think of us as your new personal trainers (We also might make you watch the Michael Phelps Under Armour ad more than once).

We’re excited to announce the #BOTSQUAD Fitness Challenge, a 6-week challenge that will recruit five fitness-minded equestrians who are dedicated to improving their health. Anyone can participate in this challenge, and our five recruits will be our motivated leaders for those tough days when all we want to do is curl up with a bottle of wine and reality TV.

Here are the details:

  • First-timers, fitness enthusiasts and everyone in between are encouraged to apply
  • Over the course of six weeks, the #BOTSQUAD will be ramping up their fitness program and staying accountable by submitting blogs and photos to Horse Junkies United every two weeks
  • Each member of the #BOTSQUAD will receive branded Back On Track apparel to wear for photos as well as a Back On Track people product, such as a knee or ankle brace, to aid with recovery and soreness
  • At the end of the challenge, each recruit will receive a Back On Track gift bag as a reward for their hard and a thank you for their participation

How to enter: Email sally (at) heelsdownmedia.com with the following:

  • Your social media handles (please make sure they are public and can remain public for the duration of the challenge
  • Answers to the following questions:
    • What are your personal fitness goals?
    • Tell us about a typical day for you as far as being active is concerned. Do you go to the gym? Do you ride multiple horses per day? What sort of activities do you participate in?
    • Do you have a certain body part that causes you some discomfort – i.e. elbows, knees, back?

Entries must be received by August 11th. Click here to enter now!