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Sticking To Your Guns, by Silvia Arias
Let me introduce you to Tamayo, a 15-year-old Spanish Sport Horse who used to jump 1.30m courses … a champion! Now I’m going to talk about myself, a 22 year-old jumper girl whose weight is 47kg (more or less) and her strength is not a blast.
Tamayo came to my stables a year ago to recover from an injury in his right shoulder. Since then we started to know each other and a great bond was formed. Tamayo healed and my trainer saw that we understood each other, so we decided to start showing at show jumping competitions. Tamayo and I were amazing!
Tamayo was getting stronger day by day, and this led to me losing control in some situations such as jumping courses or cantering on the right lead. A few days ago, after a rather frustrating class, I started to ask myself, “Is Tamayo the horse I should ride?”
It is said that there’s a horse for every rider, depending of your characteristics and your experience, but what happens when you love the “wrong” horse? I must say that I’ve been riding Tamayo for a long time and I understand him pretty well, but sometimes strength beats confidence and experience and those moments make me think that I should look for a new partner and keep working as I do with Tamayo.
In this situation, I have two options:
1. Talk with my trainer and look for a new horse perfect for me.
2. Keep riding Tamayo, start working on my strength and adapt myself to all his changes.
Not everything in the equestrian world is about riding and sometimes the love you feel to your horse wins and that’s what happened to me with Tamayo. So, option 2, please!