It is HOT. Or humid. Or, worse, both. Luckily, fall is right around the corner, but we still have the treacherous month of August to get through before we can take a breather. If you’re anything like me and struggle with the heat, you’ll do just about anything to stay cool, including but not limited to sticking your entire head in the ice chest used for ice boots, running the hose and its questionable quality water over your head, and laying on the concrete that feels marginally cooler in the middle of the barn aisle.

There’s many tried and true ways to try to cool off during the hottest months (and, also, you should always be careful not to over exert yourself AND your horse when it’s hot), so here are a few more tricks to add to the list:

1. Get yourself one of these amazing EnduraCool hoods

The EnduraCool (or anything similar) is a literal God-send for the hot days. Simply get it wet, wring it out and sling it around your neck or pull it up over your head. It’s light enough to not feel bulky and thin enough to fit under a helmet — I find that wearing it like a necklace works best for riding. They’re machine washable, affordable, and will become a summer staple in your barn. Click here to get one.

2. Ice Vests are a real thing

I wouldn’t recommend retro-fitting your cross country vest (safety is kind of important), but this thing looks like a legitimate useful device to have around the barn for when the heat just gets unbearable. You might look like a ridiculous over stuffed penguin walking around, but that’s a sacrifice you should be willing to make. You know you’re tempted to click here.

3. Cool your bottle of water off even faster with this trick

Take a napkin or paper towel and get it wet. Then, wrap it around a bottle of water that you just need to be ice cold faster and chuck the whole thing into the freezer for 10 minutes or so. When you take it out, the water will be icy cold and extra refreshing.

4. Invest in a sun shield for your helmet

I am a big fan of the Soless Helmet Visor, though there are several options on the market. I find the Soless to be light weight and it fits a variety of helmet brands. I’ve even been able to jump while wearing mine, though on the windy days it can be a bit touch and go. You might not think that having a visor would make a difference, but it really does keep your head cooler and, therefore, make you more likely to be able to listen to whatever your trainer is telling you you’re doing wrong. Find the Soless visor here.

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