We received an overwhelming amount of interest in our 6-week Fitness Challenge in partnership with Back On Track. It was an immensely difficult process to select our final five recruits, and we’re very excited to announce them as the #BOTSQUAD that will be leading this challenge starting next week..

If you were not selected as a recruit, don’t despair! We still want you to participate, so we will be giving away Back On Track gear to a randomly drawn participant at the end of the challenge.

Here are your five #BOTSQUAD recruits!

Stephanie Counts:

Stephanie is a 32-year-old barn owner/instructor/rider as well as a full-time mom. Stephanie is an avid Crossfit participant and she’s looking to get back into the swing of things after having a baby on July 8th (congratulations!).

TobyMac wanted to help me reach in the dressage ring this morning ❤️

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Daria Moslehi:

Daria, 19, wants fitness to be her lifestyle, and we’re here to help her with that. Daria is a YouTube master, so expect to see some fun things from her throughout the #BOTSQUAD Challenge!

Luna and I don’t usually get along, but when we do, we take cute pictures 😜😄

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Jordan Sonnenberg:

Jordan is a 21-year-old full-time nanny who balances her work with her riding career, which leaves little time in between for exercise. She’s out to change that over the next 6 weeks as a member of the #BOTSQUAD.

Nicole Tidwell:

Nicole, 37, is active at her barn, riding 2-3 horses three times per week, and also tries to stay active by walking. Nicole recently underwent a double mastectomy and is looking forward to getting her rehab underway so she can return to her active lifestyle.

Calvin was champion of 3′ hunters. He wasn’t super impressed with taking a picture, and wanted to beg for treats instead

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Sue Van Der Linden:

Sue is a 51-year-old amateur rider who has an office job, which we all know makes being active even more challenging. She wants to set a good example of fitness for her teenage daughter and is looking for that extra push of motivation needed to succeed.

On the hottest day of the year, Charlie Brown and I took on the Intro division at the Full Moon Farm Aloha Recognized Horse Trials. @surlybird, Aura and Bob served as Charlie’s entourage. He loved the attention! And Charlie’s body clip, courtesy of Deysha, kept him from overheating in challenging conditions. We put down a good dressage test, scoring a 30 (that’s a 70 in dressage language). We ran a clean show jumping round on very undulating ground with some significantly tight turns. The XC course was a challenge for us because it was very long. The jumps were fine, but the distances between them, and the rolling hills were a test of our balance and endurance. We only got one refusal on XC when I didn’t set him up right coming to a brush box. Water, logs, banks, and other delights were no problem. We ended up fourth! So proud of CB. ❤️🐎😄☀️

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Please join us in congratulating our five recruits, and we look forward to sharing their journey to becoming more complete athletes right here on Horse Junkies United.

The first assignment for our recruits is an introductory blog, not more than 500 words, to post here on Horse Junkies United. The first assignment is due on Wednesday, August 23 and can be submitted to sally (at) heelsdownmedia.com. Remember, all recruits MUST complete each assignment on time to continue on in the challenge.

For everyone else who applied, check your email as we will be sending more information to you regarding your option to continue to participate in the Challenge — we certainly hope you do!