It’s hot out there, folks. During the intense summer months in Florida, all the horses in the barn are on electrolytes. They help replenish the nutrients lost in sweat and during exertion. But like anything else we buy for our expensive four-legged beasts, there are some brands out there that are better than others.

Electrolytes come in a variety of forms: powder and pellets to dress over feed, some people I know add them to their horse’s water buckets, and in paste tubes like a dewormer.

I used paste like JailBreak to help my horse that doesn’t sweat in the summer. But good quality, high concentrated electrolytes are expensive. It really starts to add up over time.

My vet told me she has several clients who are endurance riders who make their own electrolytes. It’s cheaper than buying brand names and gives you, the horse owner, control over the concentration of nutrients you’re adding to their diet. I made my first batch of homemade electrolytes this summer and will never go back to buying it at the feed store.

Here’s my homemade recipe: 

Two parts Iodized Salt (Iodized salt helps with healthy thyroid production)

Two parts Lite Salt (for potassium.) It’s 50 percent less sodium.

Tums (for calcium carbonate): I buy the cheaper private label bottle. Use about a half a cup or so. I bought two small bottles of a generic brand at the Dollar Store. Run it through a coffee grinder.

Vitamin E Oil. (Vitamin E helps with sweat production.) This is an optional addition, as it can make the powder goopy. I combined this last with the salt & tums and ran it through my KitchenAid mixer for about 5 minutes. I didn’t have a problem with its consistency.

** You can add Gatorade powder packets, sugar, or molasses for taste if you have a picky eater, but I try to limit the amount of sugar I feed my own horse. 

Use your own judgement on how much to feed, but generally, my horses get one tablespoon a day dressed over their feed in the summer months.

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