We’re proud to introduce the five recruits who are taking on the 6 Week Fitness Challenge powered by Back on Track. Over the next six weeks, we’ll be publishing progress reports and videos from each participant, and this week we’re doing introductions. Meet our next recruit, Stephanie Counts:

My name is Jordan Sonnenberg. I am 21 and from Wisconsin. I am a college student, full-time nanny, and an equestrian with two great horses. With all that, it doesn’t leave me much time to focus on myself or workout. I am hoping this challenge will help change that!

I used to be in great shape a few years back before I started school and stopped working out. I am hoping that through this challenge it will help me find time and keep me motivated to workout. My current fitness goal is to build up stamina and workout 3-5 times per week on top of riding. I would like to be able to run my full four mile hikes or close to that by the end of this challenge.

I picked a Back On Track Ankle Brace to help with my ankles when riding and working out. When I am very active they tend to get very sore making it painful for me to workout or ride with. I think the Back On Track Ankle Brace will help relieve some of my pain so I can continue to workout and ride and achieve my goals.