Everything started out so good. We were on a roll. And then we weren’t. Such is the emotional roller coaster of taking on a green horse.

The last time I wrote about my journey with Mikey, my chestnut OTTB, he was brand new and brimming with potential. That last part is still true, but my excitement was stunted somewhat after a few setbacks derailed our plans for the summer.

In my head, I had it all mapped out. We would spend the sweltering hot summer months working on the core basics: LOTS and LOTS of flatwork focusing on transitions, poles, and circles to learn how to bend and move forward in balanced gaits. We’d also start schooling small fences. I hoped these weeks of laying the groundwork would get us where we needed to be by fall, when we could start showing.

Apparently Mikey had different plans.

In between some random bouts of lameness from playing too hard in the pasture and soft hooves from lots of rain, Mikey decided to stop sweating. Anhidrosis is an unfortunate and often times scary condition to treat, especially in hot and humid Florida where we live, but luckily this wasn’t my first rodeo with a non-sweater. That said, all my time, energy and money went toward helping the big red thoroughbred feel better.

After a couple of rounds of acupuncture, supplements, electrolytes, patches, you name it, the big guy is sweating again. We started slowly getting back into the swing of things, but I noticed a difference in his demeanor. Mikey lost a bit of weight during his bout of anhidrosis, and suddenly my saddle didn’t fit him quite right anymore. UGH. So more money was spent on pads to prop up my saddle until he fills out again.

The fall show season is right around the corner, with the first show starting next month already. We’re not nearly in the place I wished we were. But here’s to hoping we get a good, long streak of soundness this upcoming season so we can get rollin’ again.