We asked several riders to review the Ariat Heritage Elite Breeches. After all, not every product is a fit for every rider, so it’s best to get a group opinion.

Meet our reviewers:

Sue, 30s dressage rider 

Justine, 29-year-old hunter/jumper amateur rider

Megan, 30, vet tech hunter/ jumper 

Danielle, Early 20s Event rider

Samantha, Early 20s Jumper Rider

Here’s what they found:


Spoiler alert: I think I’ll be buying more of these. I’ve been a staunch wearer of other breeches, but these are enough to make me expand my horizons.

The fit and fabric of the Ariat Heritage Elite Breeches are great! The lack of elastic biting into my calf was a welcome change, and the mesh at the bottom of the legs was noticeably cooler. The Coastal Fjord color is lovely, and it’s fun to wear something other than black.

I deliberately wore the Heritage Elite breeches several times without washing them to see how long it would take to start showing “barn dirt”. The fabric does an excellent job of repelling dust, dirt, hay, horse hair, slobber, and other assorted insults — believe me, I practically applied all that stuff to them to see. It wasn’t until I got to the fifth or sixth wearing before I could see evidence of previous wear. Even then, that was just a little bit of dirt around the knee patches.

The Ariat Heritage Elite breeches are a great addition to my riding wardrobe. I look forward to wearing them for a long time, and even adding a couple more pairs to my collection.


Buying breeches is and has always been a tricky endeavor for me. I’m 5’11” tall and have a long leg with a wide hip. So finding a pair of durable pair of breeches that are flexible but still comfortable when my butt is in the saddle or busy around the barn isn’t easy. The first time I tried on the Ariat Heritage Elite breeches I was thrilled with how they looked. The fit was snug around my waist, but was still true to size.

I loved the mesh, sock-like material at my ankle, which is made of a breathable, stretchy fabric. But I still worried about how flexible the material would be once I put them to the test at the barn.

My biggest pet peeve with breeches and jodphurs is when they they drag down or puff up around my waist. The last thing I want to do is spend the majority of my ride — or even worse, when I doing chores around the barn — pulling up my pants because they’re constantly slipping or pulling them down because they ride up to my naval. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the barn and the Ariat breeches stayed in place.

I rode in them twice on two different horses — a young and wiley OTTB, which required a lot of seat to ride, and a schoolmaster Dutch Warmblood that requires a light and forward seat. The breeches passed the test on both wildly different rides, never interfering with our work, and giving me the support system I needed in the saddle. Not to mention every time I wear them to the barn, I’m always getting compliments about the cool color and sleek look. After several gentle washes at home, the breeches still look brand new. The Heritage Elite passed my test. I plan to purchase a few more in various colors this summer.


The fit of this particular pair of breeches is pretty good. I’m between a 24 and 26 routinely, so I usually go with 26. As a result sometimes I deal with a baggier front area which did happen with these, however that also could be because of the pockets. But I LOVE having pockets. The fabric feels stiff and scratchy coming out of the package, but once on they’re very comfortable. 

These breeches are stain resistant, which is a fun feature. Especially since it also makes them somewhat water resistant. It started raining the first day that I wore them and it simply beaded up on them and didn’t soak through. While riding they were fantastic minus the bunching in the front, but again, that’s an issue I deal with frequently as I have to choose between sizes. So it may not be a flaw of these particular breeches. They held up to a rigorous muddy spring day of cleaning, riding, and shedding, and washed clean that evening. I washed them per the instructions and they held their shape/size well. The second time I washed them I dried them on tumble dry-low heat and they still maintained their shape and size with no issue.


The fabric is super comfy, stretchy, but still flattering and classy. Color is fun without being too wild, and the water/stain-repellent material does actually work! 

The fit is fantastic; I followed Ariat’s size chart and these fit to a “T”. These are probably the best-fitting front-zip breeches I’ve put on.

Even after washing, the breeches retained their shape and fit excellently.  I do think that the material was a little softer-feeling after being washed.


I absolutely love these breeches! The fit is fantastic, easily one of the best fits I’ve tried. The rise is perfect and the fabric is amazing and SO comfortable. I am so glad I tried these breeches because I definitely want more.

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