The Back On Track Fitness Challenge really flew by! They say, “This time next year you’ll wish you had started today.” Truer words were never spoken. I’m so thrilled to have been a part of this and so glad that I took the plunge and got back into such a great exercise routine.

After my first baby it took me a few weeks to be back to pre-pregnancy weight, but about a year to get my pre-pregnancy shape back. I was soft and weak for a long time. I am proud to say that I have a not-quite three month old baby chilling in her swing and I’m happier with my body and strength now than I was a whole year after my first kiddo!

Just a few weeks after little Charlotte was born I got back on my horse for the first time (I didn’t ride during my pregnancy) and was VERY sick, struggling to not black out, or throw up, or maybe just die. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I gave my new Antares dressage saddle a spin and flopped around like Gumby in that thing. Legit dressage saddles require muscles! Ugh. Now, six weeks after starting my workout routine and healthier eating habits, I am feeling strong in the saddle (yes, even the dressage saddle) and I’m more than keeping up in my cross fit workouts and in my marathon barn days of riding, teaching, and kid wrangling.

When we first got our Back on Track products for the challenge in the mail I was disappointed that my BOT shirt was too small. Now I can wear it without sucking in all day! My breeches are fitting loosely enough to rub blisters on my thighs from the seams sagging and rubbing. It’s a painful win, but I’ll take it. My big goal was to be able to wear my Backbone Crossfit shirt again. It’s a snug fitting size small t-shirt that I would have never in my life been able to wear until last Fall when I got super fit and I wore that shirt like a badge of strong, skinny honor. Yesterday I wore that shirt all day and loved every minute of it. It’s not *quite* a perfect fit yet, but the fact that I can wear it at all and not look like a burst can of biscuits is a big deal!

As far as the numbers go, I didn’t lose as much weight during the challenge as I lost last year in my Crossfit challenge, but I also didn’t diet quite as hard-core this time around. I made much healthier eating habits including replacing most of my daily sweet tea intake with water, eating smaller portions and making better decisions at the restaurant counter. For a nursing mom, dieting is a tricky thing because those calories are very necessary. I did lose a total of 10 lbs over the past six weeks! I’m thrilled with my results but more than anything I’m so proud of myself for working so hard and I have no plans to change my current routine now that the challenge is coming to an end.

I cannot thank Back on Track enough for their support and for their amazing products! My BOT collection is something to marvel at and I have my clients in my barn buying it for their horses and themselves all the time. I’ve never found a product that TRULY works as quickly, consistently, and comfortably as Back on Track products do. I’m not just saying that because they sponsored this challenge, I am a firm believer in their quality and I am a BOT customer for life!

It’s time now to sign off. I have a BOT blanket calling my name that wants to snuggle me after a brutal morning at crossfit and before an afternoon full of riding and teaching. Thank you Back on Track and Horse Junkies United!

Written by #BOTSQUAD Recruit Stephanie Counts.