So, 2018 goals have been declared, budget is taking shape, and now it’s time to get to work.

When I initially started asking people about MGN, I was still skeptical if it was something I wanted to pursue. I sounded insane, right? This was a crazy idea, right? Especially for a vet student, RIGHT?

But what has been amazing, is since deciding I want to make it my reality, is that the reaction from anyone I’ve told has been 110% positive. Friends, peers in my vet school class, former and current trainers, and family have jumped on this bandwagon with remarkable gusto.

When I first broached the subject to my parents, I was a little hesitant to tell them I wanted to trek half-way across the country during my 3rd year of vet school to go horse show.  It was not so long ago that my parents didn’t seem to totally appreciate why I wanted and liked to horse show.  Since becoming a horse owner to The Mare, they have been nothing but supportive of our journey, and she wouldn’t still be at my side without them.  They’ve traveled to see us show, and they came out a few weekends ago to visit – and my mom actually brought up MGN.

I explained the show in a little more detail to her, and while I was hoping she would like the idea, I was not expecting her response.

Basically, she told me that we needed to find a way to make sure I went.  She told me that while I still had the ability to do stuff like this, that I needed to. Kind of a ‘carpe diem’/no regrets/where there’s a will there’s a way mash-up.

(I think my mom is planning more than I am, even; she called me the other night to discuss transportation options for The Mare).

So in other words, I’ve got an army of support behind The Mare and I as we prepare to tackle this goal.

The next, biggest step in this whole shebang is raising the funds.  I’ve already started squirreling away a good fraction of each paycheck from my part-time job at the barn, and am looking for creative solutions to supplement our MGN Fund – because I’m not about to let this dream crumble due to lack of finances.

We’re now less than a year out, and while I don’t have a countdown on my calendar (yet), I’m just as excited thinking about it as if it were tomorrow.