It’s not every day that your coach tells you that you need to learn how to fall off. After all, isn’t staying on the best option? Of course it is, but in the event things go south, it is important to know how to decrease your chance of injury. It’s a foreign concept to some, but it’s one that is applicable to all. Thanks to the efforts of LandSafe Equestrian, now riders of all shapes, sizes, ages, and disciplines can learn how to avoid falling like a sack of potatoes.

Mark Losey is the parent of a young event rider. His daughter, Miranda, attends The University of Findlay in Ohio, and she mentioned that Landsafe was hosting a clinic at nearby Albion College. The clinic piqued Mark’s interest; as a parent, he’s primarily concerned about his daughter’s safety as she navigates up the levels.

“From a parent’s perspective, this is something I wanted her to do for her safety and my peace of mind,” Mark said. “As you move up the levels, your chances of falling tend to increase, so I wanted her to be as well-prepared as she could.”

Mark attended the LandSafe clinic with his daughter and was impressed by what he say. Both Danny and Keli Warrington, who founded Landsafe and travel the country to teach clinics, were adept at adjusting the experience for every rider, regardless of their experience level. The clinic consists of one day of tumbling exercises and one day of exercises on a mechanical horse.

“It’s the overall philosophy of safety that is being instituted,” Mark said. “I feel it’s something that could easily be integrated into a training program or even a college program. It’s important to have these skills – they focus on teaching you how to control the energy of you fall by putting your body in the right position.”

As a parent, the clinic gave Mark peace of mind when it came to watching his daughter ride. “One of the biggest things I took away from this is what not only does the clinic teach you mechanics, it also instills confidence. This is a situation where people are learning how to fall in a way that will not crush their confidence. They’ll be in a position to get back on and continue learning because they know how to fall as safely as possible.”

Landsafe Equestrian is currently on a West coast tour, but they are always booking new clinic dates. To find out where the next clinic near you is, click here.