It’s been quite the process, but our judging panel has convened and we are pleased to announce the winner of our International Equestrian Blogging Contest. We had a lot of support from our friends to make this contest possible, which means our winner will take home an awesome prize package valued at over $1200. We also have a runner-up who will be receiving a prize package, and all of our entrants will be invited to continue to write blogs for Horse Junkies United. Thank you to all who entered, we hope you enjoyed sharing your stores – we certainly enjoyed sharing them.

The brands with whom we have partnered for this contest are:

Our runner-up will also receive a prize pack valued at $200, and our third place blogger will receive an accessory pack from Kerrits.

So, without further ado, your International Equestrian Blogger contest is…

Paige Cerulli!

Here is what our judges had to say about Paige’s entries, which you can read here:

Justine Griffin (Editor, Heels Down Magazine): Paige is a very thoughtful and careful writer, choosing the right words quite carefully to describe her feelings, which are sometimes just heart wrenching. Dealing with defeat, especially through horses, is not easy on the heart. I can feel just how much Paige loves her aging mare in her stories, and I feel grateful that she could share those memories and experiences. Paige is a great storyteller whose journey is all too familiar to many of us. Or at least to me, as a fellow adult amateur rider who recently had to let go of my own beloved mare.

Rebecca Agocs (Writer, Heels Down Magazine): I had to let go of my heart horse too soon; this really resonated with me. I wanted to hug her after the article because of how gracious she was in the face of grief. Even though Paige’s stories are about her own experiences, she writes in a thoughtful way which made me feel exactly what she’s describing but from my own experiences.

Sally Spickard (Editor, Horse Junkies United): Paige’s writing style was something I really identified with, and her stories about recovering from heartbreak really sat with me for a long time. Not only are her stories heartbreakingly relatable, but her voice really is something that readers of all ages and disciplines can eagerly read and identify with. That is the Horse Junkies United voice.

Our first runner-up is Geneva Macy (entries:, and our third place finisher is Isabelle D’Costa (entries: Our decision was based on the following criteria, with the poll we placed in the finalist announcement being weighted at 25% of the final placings.

Judging Criteria:

Storytelling ability
Quality of writing

Congratulations to all of our finalists and our winner and runners-up! We are so grateful for all of our Horse Junkies United community’s support, and we hope to continue to grow our writers as well as our audience, sharing the stories that we all love and identify with.