Stuff breaks. It sucks, but it’s part of life. If you’re a horse owner, then you probably have your own arsenal of tools for a zombie apocalypse. Not for you personally of course, but for your horse. And thank goodness, because sometimes we need a fix in a pinch, and that horsey arsenal sure comes in handy.

Here are some of the most creative barn hacks I’ve collected from friends who managed to cheat the system and come up with a last-minute fix with an unlikely solution. They all get extra points (heck, maybe even a beer) for their ingeniousness.

Pantyhose Control Top Hair Net. So you’re at a show and you discover that the $4 hair net you’ve been using for three years finally disintegrated from years of sweat and dirt. Crap. But WAIT. Didn’t you have pantyhose in the back of the truck from the last time you left the office early to squeeze in a quick ride? Cut out the control top, and pull your hair up into it.

Zip Ties Save Bras. So you forgot to pack your sports bra, but HATE riding with your strap falling down your shoulder just as much as the rest of us. Use a zip tie or even bailing twine to pull those straps into a racerback at the middle of your shoulders.

Bobby Pins For the Win. Not only do they hold your hair in a hair net, but they’ll also save a zipper on a tall boot when the pull tab breaks off.

Boot Blow Out? Vet Wrap to the Rescue. So your horse played a stupid game of flat-tire with you and won. When he stepped on the back of your boot, it blew out the bottom. Grrrr… No problem. Strap the sole back on with (preferably black or brown) Vet Wrap and wrap the entire foot with it. If not Vet Wrap, black electrical tape will do. It’ll get you through the day’s ride, at least.

Breaking in a New Pair of Tall Boots? We know your pain. To help get you through that leg-throbbing first couple o’ rides, coat your calves and ankles in liniment, or Mineral Ice, right before you get in the saddle. It’ll give you a bit of a numbing, icy relief so you can focus on the ride and not how much your legs hurt.

Flapping Keepers Drive You Insane? Hello, rubber bands. Those tiny white/brown/black rubber bands you use to braid a mane can keep even the peskiest bridle latch in place when a keeper goes missing or falls off. They work on curb chains, too.

Forgot the Saran Wrap to Sweat A Leg? No biggie. Your average, every day plastic grocery bag will work just as good. Pick one up out of the trash or the back of your car and cut it open, then use to wrap.

Don’t Have Time to Bathe Before A Clip? Use show sheen. Seriously. Coat that hairy body in show sheen right before you clip (and after you groom, of course) to save the life of your clipping blades and make the whole experience quicker and smoother.

You Know You’re A Redneck When… You’re using empty cans of tuna fish to nail/screw into a 2 x 4 piece of wood to make a last-minute bridle rack. But hey, sometimes a horse girl’s gotta do what a horse girl’s gotta do.

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